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We are Specialists in Custom Fish Tanks, Aquarium Designing for Freshwater & Planted Aquariums.

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Nature Aquariums

A Nature Aquarium is the creation of a natural eco-system in a confined space of the aquarium.

Aquascaping is a term used to describe the art of creating visually pleasing natural landscapes & ecosystems within an aquarium. The goal is to create aesthetically pleasing landscapes that don't just resemble natural landscapes in function but also visually.

3D Backgrounds

Back to Nature backgrounds are deceptively realistic 3D landscapes that are used in aquariums & terrariums. Made from natural patterns by hand & unique designs with easy-care for Nature Aquariums


Biopod is a Self-Contained Ecosystem that replicates Real Environment for Plants & Animals. It is an app controlled microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature light, humidity, ventilation & rainfall.

Garden & Ponds

Water Gardens & ecosystem pond are self-sustaining, require very little maintenance, and provide an opportunity to have koi fish as pets. We provide end to end Design Services based on Concepts, Mood Plan, Colour Drafts & Detailing

Why Nature Scape?

Finding a reason why you should opt for a Nature Aquarium,

Aquarium Therapy

We all know fishes & nature help you calm your ever erratic mind, the sound of water the lush green plants & elegant fishes swimming in the tank creates a relaxing and peaceful aura. Nature aquariums are a perfect decor for your living space or office.

Feng Shui

If you are a firm believer that the spatial arrangements of objects creates favorable & unfavorable flow of energy, then nature aquarium is a perfect bet for you. Fish tank attracts prosperity & positivity in your life.


We learn a lot about our biology when we stand, stop & look around the world. It is not complicated when we understand that all life are 'one', be it on the land or underwater. Aquarium illuminates the ecology underwater & augments your knowledge with respect to our natural system.

Living Piece of Art

The beauty of adding a living piece of art to your living room or work space is unparalleled. There is no denying the eye catching centerpiece that a beautifully aquascaped aquarium provides.

Our Work

We Imitate Nature inside a glass.

Aquascaping is the interior design of the Aquatic World. We proudly present to you our latest creations which are sure to leave you spell bound.


Meet the Expert

Our success depends on the strength of our team. We pride on our indepth Knowledge, Quality of service & Tailored approach to Luxury Aquarium Design.
We work closely with Interior Designers, Architects & Engineers to provide highest standard in design,
with extensive variety of services.

Master Aquascaper

Mr. Ravi Khowal is the Founder & Artistic Director at Zen Aqua Living.

He is an ardent Nature Lover driven by passion & zest for creativity enticed him to the world of Aquascaping & since then, there has been no looking back. He gained knowledge & experience in Professional Installation & Maintenance of Nature Aquariums. The path had thus been carved for him from being a Hobbyist to Professional Aquarist. His obsession & passion driven imagination is Reflected in the structure, quality, performance & design of the projects he delivers.

Mr. Ravi’s work is inspired by the sage of nature aquariums, 'Takashi Amano'.


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